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Humor, Imagination, and Choices too...

Our children's books come in two series: "The Explorers of Lost Lane," which is new a magical adventure series and "What Happens Next Fairy Tales," where classic stories meet reader choices so kids get to choose where the story goes next.

Which Series to Choose?

So far there is one book in the Explorers series, and it includes a complete story. There are two books so far in the "What Happens Next Fairy Tales" series, and each of these can stand on their own as well. You can learn more about each one below, and if you scroll to the bottom of the page, you will find coloring pages for each book!

The Explorers of Lost Lane and The Magic Room

The Explorers of Lost Lane and The Magic Room

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There have always been stories about the two houses at the end of the dead-end street known as Lost Lane, but Spencer Daniels doesn’t give it much thought. He has long since given up in believing in fairy tales, ghost stories, or any kind of magic.

But then suddenly things get a whole lot weirder. Now bunny slippers are appearing from nowhere and Spencer's little sister, Emma, is talking about tiny elephants running around the house, begging for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!

Spencer's logical brain won't accept any of it. But when Emma goes missing while he's in charge, he'll have to reconsider everything he thinks he knows in order to bring her home!

Full of imagination, adventure, and a whole lot of fun, this first book in the upcoming series will invite you into a world you will want to keep coming back to! It’s a great book for 7 to 11 year-olds to read on their own or for you to enjoy reading with them or younger children.

Frog Kisses

Based on "The Frog Prince" by The Brothers Grimm

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The princess has dropped her most precious toy into the well, and a talking frog (who insists she kindly call him Ethan) has offered to retrieve it — if she grants him his heart’s desire! Will he ask to eat at the royal table with her, or does he simply want a friend? Will these two embark on new adventures together, or will she scream and run away? It’s all up to you in this, the second book in the "What Happens Next?" Fairy Tales series!

This book includes:

  • a story checklist (to check which stories you've read)
  • "What's Original?" which discusses what is and isn't part of the Grimm's Brothers' original story
  • Discussion Questions & Activities list
The Princess and the Pepperoni Pizza by Amy Joy and Hans Christian Andersen

The Princess and the Pepperoni Pizza

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What happens when you take Hans Christian Andersen’s classic tale “The Princess and the Pea” and let kids decide what happens next? You might find a queen with even sillier ideas than putting a pea in a bed!With “What Happens Next?” books, kids get to decide where they’d like to see the story go next. Now instead of just one story, readers have all kinds of possibilities to choose from. Choose differently and discover a new ending! With over a dozen different endings, The Princess & the Pepperoni Pizza is a fun tale to read again and again!

This is a great book to read with a younger child (ages 4-6), and a fun book for 7 to 12 year old to read on their own. Each story is the perfect length to read any time, including right before bed, and parents are sure to enjoy the silly stories as much as kids!

This book includes:

  • Hans Christian Andersen's original story "The Princess and the Pea." Each part of the original story has been marked with a crown and noted at the back of the book.

Coloring Pages!

Coloring Pages for The Princess and the Pepperoni Pizza Book

The Princess & the Pepperoni Pizza

This PDF includes three coloring pages for you to enjoy.

Frog Kisses

This PDF includes three fun "Frog Kisses" coloring pages.

The Explorers of Lost Lane

This PDF includes four pages for you to color, featuring each of the explorers!

More Stories are on the Way!

We're hard at work on the next stories. Please be sure to check back soon for more fun and magical adventures!

About the Authors

Christian and Amy Joy Triola (also known by the pseudonyms CN James and Amy Joy) are a married writing team and the authors of over thirty books for adults and children. Both are former writing professors and lovers of words and music, learning, imagination and play. They call Akron, Ohio home, and year round they can be found exploring Ohio's many picturesque trails.

They enjoy sharing their work at school and library events. For information, please contact us at or via our Contact Page.