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The Explorers of Lost Lane

The Magic Room

There have always been stories about the two houses at the end of the dead-end street known as Lost Lane . . .

Things were always appearing where you didn’t remember them or disappearing from where you were certain they had been. And there were noises. Strange, unexplainable noises.

But Spencer Daniels doesn’t give it much thought. He has long since given up in believing in fairy tales, ghost stories, or any kind of magic. But luckily, his little sister, Emma, hasn’t. If she had, Spencer might never discover that the world is much more mysterious, much more wonderful, than he’s ever dreamed!

Full of imagination, mystery, humor, friendship, and whole lot of fun, this first book in the upcoming series will invite you into a world you will want to keep coming back to! 

A great book for 7 to 11 year-olds to read on their own or for you to enjoy reading together.

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