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Are you ready to begin playing or take your skills further? We have over two dozen books for ages 12 and up published under our imprint The Missing Method for Guitar. From absolute beginners to intermediate guitarists, we have books that make it easy to learn guitar. Find them all at

The Missing Method for Guitar Note Reading Series

The Missing Method for Guitar Note Reading Series

Learn how to read sheet music and gain a better command of your fretboard in the process! The Missing Method for Guitar Note Reading series works progressively from one string to the next, through every key. Each book moves up a position on the neck so you can master the entire fretboard, from frets 0 to 20!

Guitar Chord Master Series from The Missing Method for Guitar

Guitar Chord Master Series

For many guitar players, the process of learning chords involves a chord chart or chord dictionary and a lot of memorization. We believe there's a better way. That's why we created The Guitar Chord Master series, dedicated to teaching you chords in a progressive manner while you learn common chord progressions and strum patterns you can use to play the songs you love.

Technique Master Series from The Missing Method for Guitar

Technique Master Series

Proper technique can avoid injury and enable you to play longer and more consistently. With the Technique Master series from The Missing Method for Guitar, you can work on your technique while you master your scales.

Guitar Sheets Series from The Missing Method for Guitar

Guitar Sheets Series

Every guitar player, regardless of experience, needs to be able to write down things they’re learning—from songs they’re working on, to their own riffs, to melodies, arrangements, and chord voicings. Now you have a way of keeping track of this and more with the Guitar Sheets Books.

The Missing Method for Guitar Book 1

"A fine first level guitar study."

— Amazon Reviewer on The Missing Method for Guitar Note Reading Series Book 1

About the Authors

Christian and Amy Joy Triola (also known by the pseudonyms CN James and Amy Joy) are a married writing team and the authors of over thirty books for adults and children. Both are former writing professors and lovers of words and music, learning, imagination and play. They call Akron, Ohio home, and year round they can be found exploring Ohio's many picturesque trails.

Amy and Christian enjoy sharing their work at school and library events. For information, please contact us at or via our Contact Page.



The Missing Method books were born out of the need for guitar method books that simply didn't exist. We don't replicate what is already working well. We strive to create something new to help you become a better guitar player.


Each book is designed progressively to take you through each lesson a step at a time. Whether you decide to use our books with an instructor or go it alone, you we've got you covered.


Each book is focused on a particular aspect of guitar playing or technique, so we can go into depth about each subject.


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A BA in Jazz Studies, a Master's Degree in Education, and over 20 years teaching guitar students of all ages means we can stand behind our material 100%.


We're not a giant corporation. We're a married couple, doing what we love. When you buy our books, you support a small business, and when you offer suggestions, we listen. Please keep in touch. We want to hear from you.