Holiday Music Guide from The Missing Method for Guitar

Play Beloved Holiday Songs This Year, Even With Limited Practice Time

Get our exclusive guide to get easy TABS, chords, and notation so you can play your favorite holiday songs.

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Sure, you want to play holiday songs for yourself and loved ones

But finding good sheet music is time-consuming and the holiday season is fast-paced and jam-packed. And when you do find music, it's often too advanced to learn quickly. So, you're left frustrated and disappointed as your dream of playing those great holiday tunes gets pushed off again.

Don't let it happen this year.

Our Holiday Music Guide makes it easy to play classic holiday songs

  • Build your skills while playing classic holiday tunes
  • Notes, TAB, & chords included for 9 holiday favorites included
  • Video links to tutorial included for several pieces

Bonus: 2 easy fingerstyle arrangements!

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We Know the Struggle All Too Well

As holiday and music lovers alike, we know the frustration that can come with big plans that get shuffled away during the hurried holiday season. So many festivities, so little spare time for mastering the cherished songs you dream of playing.

That’s why we created this Holiday Music Guide. Our Missing Method for Guitar books have taught thousands of people to play guitar, and we want to help you experience the joy of playing holiday music for yourself and your loved ones this holiday season.

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It's great for all beginner & intermediate players!

This holiday guide is perfect for students of Beginner Guitar, Guitar Chord Master 1, The Missing Method for Guitar Note Reading Series Book 1, Your First 10 Acoustic Guitar Lessons, and other popular guitar methods.

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