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The Missing Method for Guitar

The Missing Method for Guitar Note Reading Series, Book 4 (PDF)

The Missing Method for Guitar Note Reading Series, Book 4 (PDF)

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Master Note Reading in Crossover Positions

Conquer every note on the guitar from the open strings to fret thirteen. With book 4 in the series you will learn how to read the notes that cross over the open and fifth positions as well as fifth and ninth positions. (It’s two books in one!) Even if you thought you knew your frets well before, this book will help you cement that knowledge for good.

Full Book Description

Connect your knowledge of the fretboard. Master note reading in crossover positions.

If you’ve been playing guitar for a while, you’ve probably discovered that learning to piece together the notes on the fretboard is not an easy task. Yet, the fifth position is where most professional guitarists love to play, and the 9th position contains some of the richest tones on the neck.

Unlock your musicianship

The Missing Method for Guitar Note Reading Series is designed exclusively to teach you to master your fretboard. And this, the fourth book in the note reading series, is your guide to completing your mastery of note reading in the middle of the neck. It covers two crossover positions--3rd and 7th--so you’ll be ready to grab the notes you need when you need them.

Discover the Power of Note Reading

Like all Missing Method books, when we say “mastery,” we mean it. With ample instructions, illustrations, and practice, when you’ve finished the book, you will:

Know how to read notes by crossing over the open and fifth positions, in every key

Know how to read notes by crossing over the fifth and ninth positions, in every key

Developed your rhythm skills

Practiced reading in minor keys, including relative, melodic, harmonic, and jazz-melodic minors

Solidify Your Skills

Missing Method books are designed to develop mastery in a particular skill. To that end, in this book you you will also:

Review open, fifth, and ninth positions

Practice changing keys within a song

🎵 And of course, you’ll get free access to streaming audio files so you can hear each practice song and exercise.

No other method book covers virtually the entire neck like this one does. With over 200 pages of lessons, exercises, scales, songs, and more, The Missing Method for Guitar Note Reading Series Book 4 gives you everything you need to become fluid in playing across the neck from frets 1-12! 

Get Started Today

This book works great on its own or in conjunction with any other method book, and it can be used to teach yourself or with an instructor. Order your copy today and get started connecting your knowledge of the fretboard today.

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Pages: 232 pages

Age Range: Ages 12 & up

Edition: 1st ed.

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