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Bone Machine (eBook)

Bone Machine (eBook)

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The world is perfect, but not for Grayson Cornel. He works for Libra Corp, the company that created the humanlike robots that made utopia possible. But his life is a mess. His father is dying, his predecessor is a fugitive, and his new job is a nightmare. He was supposed to deliver robots to Haiti, the last place on Earth that needed them. But something went wrong. The robots vanished, leaving only corpses behind. Now Grayson must find out what happened, and uncover the dark secrets Libra Corp is hiding from the world–secrets that could destroy utopia.

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War. Poverty. Hunger. Are over. Humankind hasn’t changed, but the way we work has. Welcome to the brave new world of the Artificially Conscious Androlibra, a humanlike robot that acts like a personal clone, helping to bring balance to our lives...

Grayson Cornel doesn’t sleep much anymore. His life is in shambles. His father is teetering on death. He was recently promoted by The Libra Robotics and Cybernetics Corp, but his predecessor, Zoe Asher is wanted for murder and is now targeting him. On top of that, his first assignment in his new position has ended in disaster. The last of the world’s sweatshops in Haiti had finally placed an order for Libra Corp robots, and it was Grayson’s job to make sure that the order was filled. But when the robots arrived, something went horribly wrong. They disappeared, leaving only dead bodies in their wake. No Libra Corp robot had ever killed anyone before, so Grayson is sent to Haiti to figure out what went wrong.

What he discovers will unravel the dark secrets Libra Corp has been keeping from the public–something so shocking that Grayson will have to risk ending utopia to try to stop it.

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Pages: 320 pages

Age Range: young adult

Edition: 2nd ed.

Product dimensions (inches): NA

Series: Stand alone, but pairs well with other dystopian scifi.

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