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The Missing Method for Guitar

Beginner Guitar: The All-in-One Guide (PDF)

Beginner Guitar: The All-in-One Guide (PDF)

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Get started playing guitar quickly and easily with Beginner Guitar: The All-in-One Guide! This comprehensive, self-guided method book covers everything from chords and notation to technique, musical styles, and how to maintain your instrument. With practice exercises and sample songs, it's the perfect way to become a confident guitar player.

Full Book Description

Go from beginner to confident guitar player.

Have you dreamed of playing guitar but didn’t know where to start? Or maybe you’ve started playing but quickly became confused, overwhelmed, or didn’t know what to do next?

Turn your guitar dreams into reality

A lot of new guitar players have no idea how to start playing. When I was learning, I took lessons, and yet still felt like I didn’t entirely know what I was doing. I had so many questions that I didn’t know how to ask. I pronounced things incorrectly. I felt like everyone else had some secret vault of guitar knowledge that I was somehow missing. I needed a book that did more than just teach me how to play; it had to teach me everything I needed to know about the guitar to feel like a real player. But try as I might, I just couldn’t find what I was looking for.

Now, as a professional guitarist and guitar teacher, I want to help new players avoid these same frustrations and uncertainties. That’s why I created Beginner Guitar: The All-in-One Guide. It not only teaches you how to play, it teaches you everything a new player wants to know to enter the vast world of guitar.

Discover how much fun playing guitar can be!

Inside the pages of Beginner Guitar, you’ll find everything you’ll need to get you started. The self-guided, step-by-step lessons include:

How to play the most common guitar chords
How to read Tablature and Musical Notation
Ample practice exercises & sample songs
How to play by ear
An introduction to a variety of playing techniques such as fingerpicking
Practice playing different styles of music including rock, country, jazz, blues, & classical
Learn about your instrument (acoustic & electric) and how to care for it, tune it, and change strings
About the equipment, such as tuners, capos, effect pedals, amplifiers, & more

Free Audio & Video to Make Learning Easier

Do you learn better with audio and video? No worries; we have you covered! With your purchase, you’ll also receive access to:
★ Free streaming video companion course that explains the most important concepts in detail
★ Free audio files so you can hear what each exercise and song should sound like
Finally learn to play the guitar
If you’ve spent years dreaming of playing, stop dreaming and start playing. Order your copy and begin your guitar journey today!

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Pages: 187 pages

Age Range: Ages 12 & up

Edition: 1st ed.

Product dimensions (inches): 8.5(w) x 11.00(h)

Series: Stand alone, but also pairs well with other Beginner Books.

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