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The Missing Method for Guitar

Your First 10 Acoustic Guitar Lessons (PDF)

Your First 10 Acoustic Guitar Lessons (PDF)

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Master Essential Skills with Weekly Instruction and Guided Daily Practice

Unlock your potential with Your First 10 Acoustic Guitar Lessons by The Missing Method for Guitar - a revolutionary new guitar method that offers both the instruction you would get in private lessons as well as a clear practice guide so that even if it's your first time picking up an instrument or if it's been years since your last lesson - we've got everything covered!

Full Book Description

Become the guitar player you’ve dreamed of with Your First 10 Acoustic Guitar Lessons!

This revolutionary method brings you the equivalent of 10 weeks of private lessons in one convenient book.

Whether you're a total beginner or have tried other methods and feel like you are getting nowhere, this book is the guide you need to go from dreaming about playing guitar to actually playing it!

Created by a seasoned guitar teacher to address the needs real students have when learning guitar, Your First 10 Acoustic Guitar Lessons is designed for your success. Each week you’ll be introduced to the same material you would cover in professional private guitar lessons. You’ll learn step-by-step, gaining essential knowledge and skills so you can start playing tunes right away

But the real secret is the piece we’ve included that you won’t even get in most private lessons: a daily practice guide. With it, we’ll coach you each day on how to warm-up, how to review what you’ve learned, and we’ll give you new material to play. Each day you will see and hear yourself making real progress. You’ll be proud of the change you’ll see in as little as just 10 weeks!

With this book, you’ll be:

  • Strumming the most common chords in various strum patterns
  • Playing melodies and songs
  • Reading tablature, notes, and chord diagrams
  • Practicing proper technique and developing lifelong practice habits

It's the perfect beginner method book for adult beginners and students aged 12 and up who want to learn at their own pace or alongside an instructor. 

So what are you waiting for? Get your copy now and let’s start playing!

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Pages: 125 pages

Age Range: Ages 12 & up

Edition: 1st ed.

Product dimensions (inches): NA

Series: Stand alone, but also pairs well with other Beginner Books.

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