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The Missing Method for Guitar

Pentatonic Master (PDF)

Pentatonic Master (PDF)

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97 Pentatonic Warm-ups to Take Your Playing to the Next Level

When learning other instruments, most students learn the major and minor scales first. However, the pentatonic is the scale most guitar players start with, and for good reason: it’s like the guitar was built for it. Not to mention that a countless number of songs use it as the basis for riffs, licks, and solos.

With Pentatonic Master, you will take your playing to the next level as you learn to easily master the pentatonic scale everywhere on the fretboard. Pentatonic Master offers 97 warm-up exercises to help you easily navigate the pentatonic scale anywhere on the neck, build coordination, finger strength, and dexterity, teach you how to connect scale patterns, build confidence in your soloing, increase your speed and accuracy, and improve your timing. Whether you are new to the guitar or an experienced player, Pentatonic Master will strengthen your technique while building your skill set, taking your playing to a whole new level!

Full Book Description

Develop your technique as you master the pentatonic scale in all five positions.

The pentatonic scale is the basis for countless numbers of songs and riffs, making essential knowledge for guitar players of every genre. And it's fun to play and easy to learn for new and experienced players alike.

With Pentatonic Master, you will:

Increase your speed and accuracy

Improve your understanding of your fretboard so your fingers can find the notes they need when they need them

Learn to connect scale patterns

Build coordination, finger strength, and dexterity

Improve your timing

Experience the Difference

Get started today and see the difference pentatonic scale mastery can make in your playing!

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Pages: 97 pages

Age Range: Ages 12 & up

Edition: 1st ed.

Product dimensions (inches): NA

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